Factors to Consider when Building a Multi-storey

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 When contemplating constructing a multi-storey building, there are many factors to consider. In the 21st century, building owners are building story buildings as compared to the past centuries.

In this article, we are going to dig deep to know these factors in length as per career experts advice.

1. Acquiring a land 

The space to build your dream building is a crucial factor to consider in the construction of a building. When buying land, consider accessibility to the road, water, and power supply.

 2. Project budget

 Constructing a multi-storey building is a daunting task that needs advice from a qualified building engineer. The budget of such a building needs a large sum of money, for you to arrive at the required budget you have to have the schematic design of the building you want then present it to a building engineer who will help you come up with a total budget needed to complete the project. The budget is split, into three, namely: –

i. Site preparation cost

Is the cost, of preparing the ground for the beginning of construction; this includes: –

  • Demolition of existing old buildings
  • Leveling the ground
  • Cutting down trees
  • Erecting the retaining walls
  • Laying down and connecting water pipes

ii. House construction cost

It is the budget of constructing the building, starting from the foundation of the building to the last story, the cost of gravels, cement, iron bars, bricks, iron sheets, etc. At this point, your building specifications come in handy because it is the guiding thing during construction. How many storeys are needed? The size of the rooms, the size of the windows, doors, and size are the stairs, matters a lot.

iii. Internal and exte#rnal finishing cost

It is the cost of completing the building, it always takes 15% of your overall budget, depending on how luxurious your building is.

a.    Internal finishing comprises: –

  • Wall painting
  • Air conditioning
  • Water taps
  • Heating system
  • Floor tiles 

b.    External finishing comprises: –

  • Gates and fences
  • Paved lanes
  • Gardens
  • Pools

3. Choosing the experience, reliable builder

 The choice you make at this point will determine how successful the construction will be, make sure you visit as many builders as possible, and never rush to sign a contract with the first builder you approach.

You take time in selecting reliable builders, carry out a thorough online search of the most qualified builders in the market. Consider sending quotations to several potential buildings accompanied by your building design and specifications, consider sending your request to six building companies, and after receiving the feedback peruse through comparing the cost.

After you find the builder who meets your requirements, plan to visit their offices and ask them to take you for a site visit to their past project so that you may see it for yourself before signing the contract. 

4. Location of the building

When building a storey building, you should consider the above. How accessible is your building? Is the building near the road? Does it have ample parking? 

5. Building codes

Building codes refer to the regulations that set out the standard to which structures must conform to in the UK, as a story building owner you have to follow these laid down regulations by International building codes IBC will inspect the construction from:-

  • Laying foundation
  • Framing erection
  • Installation of building services
  • Dry walling completion
  • Final inspections and issuance of a certificate for occupancy

Failure to adhere to IBC regulations attracts fines you can be imposed on or told to demolish the whole building.


Building a multi-storey building needs thorough planning as compared to other types of buildings.

The Different Benefits Of Buying 2nd Hand Office Furniture London

2nd hand office furniture londonIf you run a company out of an office, there will come a time when you need to purchase office furniture. Some individuals may want to begin from scratch with new furniture, or even perform a complete redecoration with new items; however, there are certain issues you need to take into consideration when performing this task. Firstly, you must consider health and safety guidelines according to the office management. You must also consider your personal tastes and preferences, which will affect the budget. Considering these factors, many people find buying 2nd hand office furniture in London far more beneficial.

What Are The Different Benefits Of Buying 2nd Hand Office Furniture London?

#1: Less Expensive

The greatest benefit to purchasing 2nd hand office furniture London is the reduced cost. This will allow you to obtain a piece of furniture at a reasonable price. You do not need to buy cheap and settle for less, but rather buy used furniture to work within a budget. In fact, many people find great bargains and get value for money when purchasing used furniture. 2nd hand purchases can allow you to decorate the office space according to your budget and your preferences.

#2: Saving Money

In addition to reduced expenses, buying 2nd hand office furniture can help you save money. With the money you save, you have the option to customise the furniture you have purchased. Doing this can help you add a personalised touch to the office making the furniture one-of-a-kind. It allows you to create a unique work environment suited to the working base and comfort needs.

#3: Environmentally Friendly

A further benefit to purchasing 2nd hand office furniture London is that it tends to be environmentally friendly. How is this eco-friendly, we hear you ask? If used furniture is purchased, it means that less of the items are sent to waste in the landfill. The more items that are placed in the landfill as waste increases the amount to the maximum level of disposal, and resulting in the need to open up more landfills for waste. By purchasing used furniture, you can reduce the carbon footprint and help the planet remain healthier for longer.

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#4: Receiving The Product More Quickly

2nd hand furniture stores tend to deliver the goods more speedily than new office suppliers, and this can be highly beneficial. The way this works is that larger stores will need to wait for the furniture to come into stock before delivery can be made. A delivery time can be set, but there is a chance that the furniture will not be delivered within the time frame. However, if you purchased used office furniture, you can take the item away with you or have it delivered within a day. If you want a quick turnaround period for decorating an office, it is best to opt for used furniture as they are more readily available.

#5: Can Be As Good As New

One misconception regarding used furniture is that it is not as good as new furniture; however, this is not always the case. While used furniture is not in new condition, it is possible to find value for money if you take time to search for the ideal item. Sellers are particular regarding the state of a 2nd hand item when taking it to sale because they are evaluated from a buyer’s perspective.

The Handy Man London

We’ve been helping the people of London with their office and home repairs since the year 1984. Our regular working hours are between 9 am and 5 pm weekdays, but we can still come out to you early in the morning or late in the evening or during the weekends in some occasions and by appointments.

Our handymen are polite, punctual, tidy and multi-skilled professionals that always carry I.D. and leave your property clean and tidy. If you’re looking for reliable handyman services in London, then you have come to the right place.

handy manAt The Handy Man Doctor, we provide a range of solutions and services from minor repair projects that you do not have to waste time doing to the more significant ones like carpentry jobs, redecoration and even handling plumbing and electrical issues.

Why Should I Hire The Handy Man?

Unlike most of our competitors, we’ve been serving London residents for decades and have more satisfied customers than any other.

There is one thing we believe in – you get what you pay for. By hiring The Handy Man, you can rest easy knowing that you will be enjoying the peace of mind our solutions provide. We are always on time, get the job done right and fast, and always clean up after ourselves.

We know that a good reputation and trust are two things that can take many years to build but can be damaged instantly. That’s why we do our best every single day to ensure that all of our customers are delighted by The Handy Man experience and won’t mind letting their friends know all about us.

Our pricing is transparent and clear as we let you see our charges including and excluding VAT. While having to pay VAT hurts, it’s better knowing what you will be paying than getting an unpleasant surprise.

PlumberAbout Us

Our multi-skilled and highly-trained tradesmen are always on hand to deliver top quality solutions. As you’d expect from The Handy Man Doctor, they are all fully-insured, CRB checked, professional and polite. That’s the only way to wearing our uniform!

Our Mission

Life can get busy and quite hectic, which means a lot of people out there do not want to spend their free time assembling new equipment and furniture or doing home repairs.

With our hard-earned reputation for reliability and trustworthiness, we at The Handy Man Doctor provide the solutions to your every need so you can have more time to relax and do the things that matter the most to you.

Making Your Office Removals London Successful And Pain-Free

office Removals LondonThe majority of larger businesses have in-house facilities with management teams to assist with office removals.  However, if you are a medium-sized to small business the chances are you do not have this option and will need to conduct the office removal independently.  This can seem like a complex task, but it is actually simple once an office removal plan is set out.  This article will provide information on how to conduct office removals London and ensure the removal is successful and pain-free.

• Taking Stock
The first step to a successful and pain-free office removal is to take stock.  This means that you need to identify all equipment, furniture and storage items within the office noting down where everything is found.  It is possible to use this opportunity for clearing out removing all the old files and office debris you do not need or have been meaning to clear for a while.  There is no need to waste valuable time packing up and removing irrelevant equipment.  Once you have fully documented the inventory, it is time to move onto the following step: setting up a timetable.

• Setting Up A Timetable
In all probability, a medium-sized to small company will not have much time to complete an office removals London project.  This is due to businesses of this size not being able to afford stopping operations while office removals are being conducted.  Removal and relocation takes time and costs money in the long-run; therefore, it is beneficial to set clear deadlines coordinating the responsibility of the move to a staff member.  This will ensure that it is the sole task for a single employee to plan the removal.

• Setting Up Teams And Allocating A Task
All staff members should play a role in the office removal as this will make the relocation easier and speedier.  If the individual in charge has delegated responsibilities effectively, you will find that the removals project is more manageable and organised.  Furthermore, the employees will appreciate that all planning has caused minimal disruption to work operations and their daily routine.

• Planning The New Office Relocation Efficiently And Effectively
removalsThe success of an office removals London project is highly dependent on both the moving in and moving out of the equipment.  Before any relocation is undertaken, it is highly recommended that you draft a clear plan of the new office.  This should include a plan of the furniture layout, the storage areas, and the decoration.  It is important that the facilities manager of the new office area is available to resolve any problems that may occur, such as faulty electrical points or issues with an internet connection or telephone line.  By planning the new office your business will be able to continue without cessation or disruption to operations.

• Keeping Track Of The Progress
Throughout the removals progress, it is advised that you are constantly examining the office removals London plan to review all staff members’ contribution.  This will allow you to update the staff on progression of the relocation and ensure them that everything is according to plan.

Loft Conversions: When It Has To Be Done Right

Loft ConversionsWhen it comes to handling Loft conversions, you need a company who truly knows what they are doing. This type of work is very important, it takes a lot of skill and it takes a lot of experience. The unfortunate thing is that many people will claim to be able to handle this type of work but they will not have the experience, the qualifications or the reputation to handle this type of work. It is because of this that you have to be careful who you hire and you must do your homework.

Loft conversions are a pretty exciting job for construction companies to handle. It is also a lot of fun for homeowners and real estate investors to be involved in. It allows you to turn in old space into something new and useful. It allows them to be creators, artist and it allows them to say something start off is one thing and transform into something completely different. We love being part of that process and it is one of the jobs that we do that we get a lot of enjoyment from. We enjoyed working with homeowners, say investors are anyone who has that type of project. Our goal is to make sure that they get what they’re looking for, that the ideas in their head are able to reach reality and that they will be satisfied with what we create with them.

Handy Man Doctors definitely can help you with loft project as we have numerous project to showcase. When it comes to Loft conversions there are not many companies who have as much experience, qualifications, passion or the desire to do a great job as we do. We are the type of company who is completely open and honest with you about what we can and cannot do. We want you to know that you can trust us to handle this type of work for you. We want you to know that it will be done right, that it will be done professionally and as quickly as possible. We are not in the business of wasting your time and we want your experience to be a very good one with us. So if you make a promise definitely will stand by it. It is for all these reasons that we believe we are one of the best companies in the city to handle this type of work.

As you can see, loft conversions are great project and a lot of fun to be a part of. It takes hiring the right company to make the ideas that are in your head into reality. It takes hiring the right company to execute it properly and with precision. It takes the right company to be able to do this at a fair price and do quality work. It takes a company like ours was completely open, honest and transparent with you to gain your trust and for you to know that they are the right company for the job.

Ways To Save On A House Renovation

House renovation Spring has arrived and you want to renovate. But you are worried about breaking the bank. This is a common fear that often holds many back from making that needed house renovation. Here we will look at ways to save and still get the result you want.

Be Ready For The Unexpected
When planning your budget make sure to build in an extra 15% to cover the things that come up unexpectedly. There is no way around it when renovating a home, you run into things you just had no way of knowing would come up. Don’t let this sway you from moving forward, just build in a bit extra to cover those things you didn’t plan for. For example you might end up having to get for half a month a handy man.

Add Natural Light To Windowless Areas Of The Home
You might think if you have a bathroom or other area with no window that the only way to get natural light there would be to cut a hole and install a window. There is another way.

It is called a light tube. It can be installed by running the tube between the rafters of the roof and into the area you want to bring light to. It will funnel the sunlight to the area you wanted light. A typical cost of installing a double pane window is $1500 or $1600. But a light tube will run you only about $500. That is a considerable savings.

Plan Renovations With Stock Sizes
Often homeowners decide what dimensions they want for an addition, or for windows without understanding the differences between custom and standard sizes. If you choose a room addition to be 10ft wide then it will require custom cut plywood. Standard plywood generally comes in 4ft sheets.

If the room was 8ft or 12ft then you can buy the standard sheets right off the shelf. This will bring you a considerable savings because there is no need to have it customized. A custom made door could run you $2000 whereas a standard door could run as little as $500.

Try A DIY Project
There are certain jobs like electrical and plumbing that are usually best left to the professionals. But there are plenty of renovations that are suitable for do-it-yourself projects. Doing it yourself not only saves you on labor cost, but also opens up the opportunity to use recycled materials which further saves you money.

You may have heard of Habitat for Humanity building an underprivileged family a new home. You might not be aware that they have around 400 locations across the U.S. that sell salvaged building materials usually at half off the price you can get the same item for at your favorite home center.

Improve Efficiency Instead Of Increasing Size
Often organizing space and making it more efficient can give you the result you want without needing to expand square footage.

When space is cluttered or used inefficiently it appears to have too little space. If in the kitchen for example; getting key accessories to help pots, pans, knives and other such items to have a place to go while reducing the space they need are just some examples.

You don’t need to sacrifice on getting what you want. Instead look for better ways of getting the things you want most, while keeping within a budget. It is possible with strategic planning.

Tips For Finding The Handy Man Builders In London

BuildersAre you looking to build or renovate your home or office? Are you looking for the best Handy man builders in London to help you with the project? Well, here are some of the tips you can use to find the best Handy man builders in London.
• Referrals And Recommendations
Do you have neighbors, friends or relatives who have hired builders in the past? Well, you can always ask for referrals and recommendations to these builders. However, before hiring anyone, you should always inquire about the clients’ experiences working with these builders. If everything looks positive, you can proceed to hire the builders for your own construction project.

• Online
Next, you should go online and find the best London builders for your upcoming project. Of course, a lot of names should pop up in Google but you shouldn’t rush into choosing the first name you find. You should do a little vetting to find the right builders for your project.

Qualities Of The Best London Builders

1. Experience
If you’re looking for the best builders to handle your project, you need to find people who have been in the business for a long time. Note that, just like any other industry, the construction industry has been hit by a new wave of changes. However, the experienced builders know what to do since they have the expertise acquired from being in the business for a long time.

2. Licensed And Certified
Do you want your building to be done to code? Do you want the new building project to meet all the industry standards? Well, you need to hire licensed and certified builders for the project. Besides being legitimate, these builders will meet the required regulations and standards. With so many buildings collapsing because of shady work, licensed and certified workers should make sure that your building is safe and sound for a long time to come.

3. The Right Construction Equipment
Besides the manual labor, there is a lot of equipment used in any construction project. If you’re looking for the best builders, you need to make sure that they have the right equipment for the job. Of course, that means the builders need to be experienced and trained in handling these equipment. Note that, there are many things that can go wrong in any construction project. So the builders need to know the safety measures and necessary knowledge in handling the equipment.

4. Fast Turnaround And High Quality
Imagine if you’re renovating your home or office and the project took forever to be completed. Your money would simply be going down the drain while your house or office remains unsightly. That’s why you need to find builders who can work around the clock to provide high-quality results within the shortest time possible.

In conclusion, choosing the best builders can be quite critical for your project. Since you can’t do the whole thing on your own, the right builders can guarantee the best results. Use these tips to find the best builders for your project.