Factors to Consider when Building a Multi-storey

office building

 When contemplating constructing a multi-storey building, there are many factors to consider. In the 21st century, building owners are building story buildings as compared to the past centuries.

In this article, we are going to dig deep to know these factors in length as per career experts advice.

1. Acquiring a land 

The space to build your dream building is a crucial factor to consider in the construction of a building. When buying land, consider accessibility to the road, water, and power supply.

 2. Project budget

 Constructing a multi-storey building is a daunting task that needs advice from a qualified building engineer. The budget of such a building needs a large sum of money, for you to arrive at the required budget you have to have the schematic design of the building you want then present it to a building engineer who will help you come up with a total budget needed to complete the project. The budget is split, into three, namely: –

i. Site preparation cost

Is the cost, of preparing the ground for the beginning of construction; this includes: –

  • Demolition of existing old buildings
  • Leveling the ground
  • Cutting down trees
  • Erecting the retaining walls
  • Laying down and connecting water pipes

ii. House construction cost

It is the budget of constructing the building, starting from the foundation of the building to the last story, the cost of gravels, cement, iron bars, bricks, iron sheets, etc. At this point, your building specifications come in handy because it is the guiding thing during construction. How many storeys are needed? The size of the rooms, the size of the windows, doors, and size are the stairs, matters a lot.

iii. Internal and exte#rnal finishing cost

It is the cost of completing the building, it always takes 15% of your overall budget, depending on how luxurious your building is.

a.    Internal finishing comprises: –

  • Wall painting
  • Air conditioning
  • Water taps
  • Heating system
  • Floor tiles 

b.    External finishing comprises: –

  • Gates and fences
  • Paved lanes
  • Gardens
  • Pools

3. Choosing the experience, reliable builder

 The choice you make at this point will determine how successful the construction will be, make sure you visit as many builders as possible, and never rush to sign a contract with the first builder you approach.

You take time in selecting reliable builders, carry out a thorough online search of the most qualified builders in the market. Consider sending quotations to several potential buildings accompanied by your building design and specifications, consider sending your request to six building companies, and after receiving the feedback peruse through comparing the cost.

After you find the builder who meets your requirements, plan to visit their offices and ask them to take you for a site visit to their past project so that you may see it for yourself before signing the contract. 

4. Location of the building

When building a storey building, you should consider the above. How accessible is your building? Is the building near the road? Does it have ample parking? 

5. Building codes

Building codes refer to the regulations that set out the standard to which structures must conform to in the UK, as a story building owner you have to follow these laid down regulations by International building codes IBC will inspect the construction from:-

  • Laying foundation
  • Framing erection
  • Installation of building services
  • Dry walling completion
  • Final inspections and issuance of a certificate for occupancy

Failure to adhere to IBC regulations attracts fines you can be imposed on or told to demolish the whole building.


Building a multi-storey building needs thorough planning as compared to other types of buildings.